Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summly does the sums

It was this video from Summly which I used a few months back as an example of clear marketing of what is essentially just a very good idea. No details of the team or the technology behind it.

Now it seems that Yahoo has purchased Summly from London based Nick D'Aloisio (17) for 30 million dollars. The app delivers summaries of news stories, grabbing the essence of a story in a form that fits the smaller screen on mobile devices. I tried it when it came out and found it OK for general news...less clever on specialist articles. Yahoo says it wants the technology, not a separate app and has already removed the app from the app store. So after 90 million summaries, Summly is no more. Need to check whether my copy is still working. Nick is off to Silicon Valley once his schooling is over. Another example of why it is so difficult to break through with tech companies in Europe. It's the culture of entrepreneurship stupid......

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