Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Center for Media Research - Daily Brief

Center for Media Research - Daily Brief: "A new report by Ofcom and compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers to define the TV advertising market in the UK, says that TV advertising revenues are set to achieve significant real growth over the next decade, but little, if any, of this growth will come from the traditional commercial channels. The report concludes that new, multi-channel services will drive growth, as they increase their share of viewing. Key findings from the report include:

- Multi-channel advertising is increasingly a competitive constraint on, and substitute for, traditional advertising.

- Audience fragmentation does not have a significant impact on total TV advertising revenues, but revenues are set to shift from the traditional commercial channels to the new multi-channel services as multi-channel increases its share of viewing.

- Loss of audience to the BBC will have an impact on TV advertising revenues for both traditional and multi-channel services. However, it will have a relatively greater impact on the revenues of multi-channel operators, due to the higher estimated price elasticity of demand for multi-channel as compared with traditional channel advertising.

- The report provides two scenarios for advertising revenue growth to 2014, (the launch of new BBC channels, or through the BBC acting more commercially) demonstrating that future growth in TV advertising revenues is likely to be derived entirely from multi-channel services, with traditional channel revenues remaining broadly flat in real terms.

The report combines the latest quantitative economic modeling techniques with industry thinking and expertise to define the TV advertising market in the UK. Given the fundamental changes to the TV advertising market since Hendry's work (on TV advertisint elasticities), this updated model will be of critical importance to future analysis of the TV advertising market.

Are these target areas for international broadcasting (by any means, not just shortwave). Is the West in conversation with many of these countries. Not really. Not sure why Belarus is not marked as In Danger. Posted by Picasa

The map on military spending per head of the population is cause for concern... Posted by Picasa

Foreign Policy magazine has published its new annual listing of the top 60 failed States. One of the charts shows what happens if a state fails and nobody notices? The reality is not far off in several parts of the world. They compared the index scores with the number of stories written about the countries per capita - western media that is. Iraq dwarfs other at-risk states in terms of media attention: It receives more than five times the coverage that Afghanistan and Bosnia do. The most at-risk states (according to Foreign Policy), such as Ivory Coast, Somalia, as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, barely register on the media�s screens.
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Satellite DMB in Korea to break even in 3 years

Telecoms Korea Newsletter is reporting today that SK Telecom expects the satellite side of the DMB business to reach break even point in 2008. Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SKT, the guy with the big smile above, explained in a conference call for investors on Monday, "The business will be more facilitated once KTF joins the market. We will stimulate the demand with distinctive contents and market segmentation." TU Media, the Korean nation's sole satellite DMB provider, said Monday that the number of subscribers to its service exceeded the 100,000 mark on 22 July 2005, two months and 22 days after it launched its service.
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Download Yahoo! Messenger

Download Yahoo! Messenger
I know some companies claim they were the first. But Yahoo in Germany is claiming Copyright 1900! A really old idea then?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Not quite sure what the sculpture on the Dutch side of the border is meant to represent. Posted by Picasa

Not sure there are that many flamingoes round here... Posted by Picasa

You'd miss the sign if you were driving normally.... Posted by Picasa

Peace Unites - Void when inconvenient

Might be true, but not when Holland plays Germany in any form of football match. Posted by Picasa

Border Patrol...

Border post, like all the others around here, is just an abandoned office. Posted by Picasa

I have always been fascinated by borders - spend half my life crossing them. This one is about 8 minutes away from Nedap in Groenlo. Its on "Peace Way".  Posted by Picasa

into one of the most innovative I have seen in this country. Posted by Picasa

They changed from a very traditional electro-mechanical company... Posted by Picasa

And one of their most successful systems is automatic book keeping for libraries. Take the book off the shelf and the system knows who has borrowed the book. Posted by Picasa

They make the tags for the clothing industry... Posted by Picasa

All kinds of tags for passes Posted by Picasa

Nedap have all kinds of divisions...one that tags cows for instance.... Posted by Picasa

Look at the grey one... Posted by Picasa

There are some serious fish in there...carp that must cost 5000 a piece. Posted by Picasa

Well stocked pond..... Posted by Picasa

Innovation at the Border

Spent a fascinating afternoon visiting Nedap BV in Groenlo, right on the border (or what's left of it) with Germany. They make all kinds of security systems, some of which use RFID technology. Futurist building... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hear All About It!

Hear All About It!: "From vinyl to CD, from CD to MP3, music listeners are once again changing the way they buy, store, share and listen to music. Few industries have had to adapt so quickly and so frequently to technological change as the music industry has over the past 20 years, but the latest change is perhaps the biggest transformation yet." Great stats on the music download biz

Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool?

Time to check: Are you using the right blogging tool? Good overview of blogging software tools..a sort of consume guide in one long page.

Way up in the distance on a balcony is the password "tmobile". Hmm, I'll wait until I get home. Posted by Picasa

Log in to hi-fi. Ah but it is locked. Posted by Picasa

Heathrow terminal 1. Waiting for a British Midland flight to AMS...what does that banner say? Posted by Picasa

Short term licence for BFBS Radio in London....on the air to recall the 60th anniversary since the end of the 2nd World War. Now off the air again... Posted by Picasa

Interesting poster in Green Park.... Posted by Picasa