Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beijing Olympics in 2008 coincides with another heatwave?

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You read it here first. I am going to predict that the 2008 Olympics coincides with yet another heatwave in Beijing.

It could be a very different Olympics from the one being planned and promoted at the moment. If there is a repeat of the current heatwave in August 2008, and looking at the stats now, the authorities won't be able to cope with the extra power consumption from all the media there. 4500 companies have sent workers home in July 2005 - with the promise that they will have to work 6 day weeks later in the year to make up for it all.

According to

Since Tuesday July 19th 2005, Beijingers have been living in a natural sauna: the unbearable heat outdoors has caused clothes to become saturated and cling to the skin. Although the highest temperature on Wednesday was 34 degrees Celsius, the humidity was over 80 percent, which could raise the incidence of heatstroke. It hit 39C in some areas.

Sources from the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory said a band of subtropical high pressure is affecting the north China plain where Beijing is situated, making it difficult for ground moisture to be absorbed into the atmosphere so it hangs over the city instead.

The hot and humid weather also increased air pollution Wednesday, the newspaper quoted the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau as saying.

Knowing the pollution problems in China, that really is saying something. Bet you don't see any connection between this heatwave and the Olympics on Chinese websites. The Great Firewall of China will see to that!

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