Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World Class in Amsterdam


Went to most of Wireless Stories final presentation in Amsterdam and saw a couple of first class ideas. Hope they get the right coaching to take them into a world class category. That's always the problem in small countries.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Social Media broadens to become "Open" or "Public" Media

Surprised this video from Friday 20th May from the Social Media Summit at BBC College of Journalism has had so few views. Perhaps its because it hasn't been embedded yet? Lively debate followed by some excellent closing remarks from Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger. As social media tools integrate into the work pattern of some journalists and reporters, so we start to move towards a more open media. Its clear that news is no longer just a series of finished reports, but a stream of curated stories, a process rather than a product.

Curation Heaven

It is fantastic that people are looking into the new breed of curation tools for those making topical stories. Robin Good is better than Good. He's great. Have been waiting for this curated collection of curation tools for more than a decade. very pleased with Pearltrees, once you get the hang of it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Media Network vintage wine 30 years later

I can highly recommend this 3-rings Shiraz from the Barossa Valley, South Australia. 3 Rings is a joint venture between Dan Philips, David Hickinbotham and winemaker Chris Ringland, the wine comes from several old vine vineyards and is blended beautifully by Chris Ringland. What a find that was! Chris Ringland is indeed a magician when it comes to creating a memorable wine. Opened it to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the start of Media Network in May 1981. See the entry below.

[Media Network Vintage Vault]]

[Media Network Vintage Vault]]: "It is 30 years since Media Network was launched as the name of the media show on Radio Netherlands, building on the rich heritage of programmes that went before it. We ran on the wireless from May 7th 1981 until October 2000 with more than 1000 editions. Many of the features are gradually making their way onto a podcast website as a celebration of international broadcasting's second Golden Age. Join me in raising a glass to the great days of analogue adventures."

What the Social Business Professional Gets Paid [Infographic]

What the Social Business Professional Gets Paid [Infographic]

Interesting post. Europe has a long way to go to get this far. Social media is still a department not a culture.

YouTube - Flying Steps - Flying Bach (live ESC 2011)

YouTube - Flying Steps - Flying Bach (live ESC 2011): ""
One of the better performances at the Eurovision Song Contest. For the others I pressed the ESC button on my computer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Solar Impulse

Enjoyed the landing of the world's first solar power plane in Brussels this evening. Wished some of the interviews had been less about the event and more about the plane. I thought they would bring the plane into the hangar, but instead the pilot arrived in a car.

NHK Radio Japan Fail

Sorry, but my award for the most confusing newscast in recent history goes to NHK Radio Japan with Michele Yamamoto and Keith McFarland Thursday 21hrs JST. We hear that water may be leaking in the number one reactor at Fukushima Nuclear due to a faulty gauge and that rods have been exposed to the air according to Tokyo Electric Power. Only 1/3rd of the nuclear reactors are operating. No analysis. No clue what this means. Should other countries be worried? Why is NHK Radio Japan doing such a poor job at a time when the reputation of the entire nation is on the line?? It looks to me as though they are pouring money into the TV side and starving the radio of resources that makes it so poor as to be a waste of energy.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Some knew of Bin Laden's Villa Years Ago

In 2088 CNN journalist (at the time) Christiane Amanour said he was living in a nice villa in Pakistan. So how come it took the CIA 3 years to follow up on the lead?

Radio Bootcamp

I get the impression most of the grass-roots work on the future of radio is happening in Germany these days at events like this one coming up later in May. They have realised that it is essential to ensure that radio remains part of the navigation and entertainment system, especially as people like Spotify have announced download services for those who take out a premium subscription (no I don't quite understand that move either). They and I believe radio has a hybrid future, but the window of opportunity is quite small to remain successful. We don't want another DRM Fiasco.

So where's the media center of New York?

Posted by Picasa In my traditional broadcasting days I always wanted to visit the Museum of Broadcasting at the Paley Center just off 5th Avenue. Just got a chance to visit it - and was thoroughly disappointed. The poster on the wall said that good content lasts for every. But the displays in the entrance were very 1999 for me. It has all the air of the past century, but not the past decade or the present. They claim to be leading todays media conversation. But it just seemed to be a venue to hold media related events like TED. The center for the modern media is further up road on the edge of Central Park....the Apple Store. Talk about a buzz. First time I have bought accessories for a device I don't yet own...the iPad2. Sold out except for the silly 3G version. Great to meet store staff who know what they're talking about. Except they won't discuss future products like Final Cut X. Open 24 hrs, though I'm not sure I'd like to be around there at 3 am in the morning. NYC is a lot safer than it used to be, but still.

Time Corner, New York

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Posted by Picasa You've heard of Times Square in New York. Saw this world time clock fest just off Madison Avenue. Wonder if they keep in accurate? Didn't have time to check. Will do it later.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Dish of the Day

Posted by Picasa Let's watch TV, but not by the side of the road. So how is DISH doing these days? Actually not too badly since they settled a lawsuit with TIVO.