President Putin has also given the Cabinet of Ministers one month to plan all events necessary to help the International News Agency “Rossiya Segodnya” into existence and add it to the list of state-run strategic entities. The fledgling agency will focus on informing foreign audiences about Russia’s policies and their way of life.
The President’s decree did away with an entire section of state media. It abolished the State Fund for Television and Radio Programs, placing it under control of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

Russian valve radios of the 1950's all had shortwave on them
Here are some of my memories in the form of the Media Network radio programmes I hosted. 
Let's start with August 22nd 1991
If you had a shortwave radio around August 1991 then it was probably tuned to Radio Moscow because of an attempted coup. I believe this Media Network programme which I hosted on Radio Netherlands is an example of listener participation well before the web and mass use of email, as well as great inside stories from Vasily Strelnikov, a former presenter at Radio Moscow World Service. I love his story about how his "filling in the time" almost caused a diplomatic incident. He also explained how the news reading translation system worked, which solves another mystery from the Cold War era.