Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Comparing Lean Startup Conference with Le Web

(at the time of writing they have not cut off the countdown timer - so skip through that until it starts.)

This is that weird time of the year when there are two startup conferences happening at the same time. LeWeb in Paris and the LeanStartup Conference in San Francisco. Actually, LeWeb is dominated by speakers from the US and today was no exception. I applaud the fact that LeWeb streams all this live and curates presentations to make them accessible for everyone. Today I was most impressed by the Fireside Chat with Evernote founder Phil Libin. With 80 million users, Evernote has really helped a lot of us to capture the gems of intelligence you find while surfing the web. It is a great curating tool - have tried, but not really found a better one. Phil really has a long-term vision - as well as a secret plan to help the return of the Woolly Mammoth.

Had the afternoon sessions on in the background, but found it to be more corporate visions of the next 10 years. Lacks the sparkle of SpaceX type projects.

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