Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Earth Outside My Window

Jim Cutler shared this link to the spectacular 4K video montage of time lapse from NASA. SpaceX should do a deal with GoPro to get 4K imagery from their Falcon 9 launcher. The tweet from Elon Musk yesterday didn't really do justice to the project. Turn down the lights, crank up the volume and make sure to watch in full screen with the best possible quality your connection will manage. What are we seeing? Phil Plait has analysed the shots for us.

David Peterson has only two uploads on his YouTube channel. But both are spectacular. And so is the music he selected. Sounds familiar.

And then you realise that Two Steps From Hell are making so much of the epic soundtracks coming out of Hollywood. I recall watching the trailer for Anna Karenina....

and then remembering the same music was on the 4K showreel with stunning shots of San Francisco.

Teton Gravity Research Aerial Reel - The Bay Area in 4K from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

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