Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eindhoven Revisited

I think many cities in the Northern part of the Netherlands need to look at how the industrial city of Eindhoven is rising from the ashes. The city was devastated in the 80's and 90's when the Philips company started closing consumer electronics factories and moving production East - first to Poland and then to China. In the end the company left altogether, building its headquarters near Amstel Station in Amsterdam. When the major employer leaves town things get very tough indeed. The irony is that Philips makes most of its money from healthcare, exactly the industry that they didn't outsource to the East.

But now Eindhoven is clearly rising from the ashes, driving a new era instead of watching opportunities pass by. They realise that the Internet of Things is becoming the serious way forward. And that will need engineers, scientists, designers and storytellers to build wonderful, useful things.

Let Silicon Valley try to build a better Facebook. While Silicon Polder builds a better world.

architects now inhabit the old Philips Radio factory

A Factory reborn....

Crystal set in a shop window - not often you see that. And not that much to listen to on AM.

Downtown Eindhoven

Chances are high that Eindhoven will make it

Bit cold for a bbq....get 20 euro back when you trade in your old one.

Eindhoven has universities, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and drive.

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