Wednesday, March 06, 2013

RNW Regroups

Had several emails from people abroad asking whatever happened to Radio Netherlands Worldwide after the closedown of various sections in May and June of last year.
The answer is that the core team that is left is moving out of the Radio Netherlands main building by April 1st. The other commercial stations like 100%NL who were on the 3rd floor are also moving out. The building is going to have new tenants although exactly who that will be has not been announced as yet.
Building work to add a second floor to the Radio Netherlands Training Centre Building

A new floor is being added to the Radio Netherlands Training Centre behind the main building which will house the new Radio Netherlands Worldwide editorial and production staff. The training centre will also continue.

New radio studios being built in the revamped RNTC building
The network operations centre in the main building which used to feed signals from RNW and other partner stations to the three broadcast facilities in the Netherlands, Bonaire and Madagascar is now just a shell. Ghosts of broadcasts past when you see it now. But RNW is right to be making a clean break to match a very different mission. This chapter in their history has closed and RNW needs to move on.
Network Operations in June 2012
Continuity Studio at Radio Netherlands in June 2012
Off the air forever. RNW Network Operations Centre in February 2013

There still remains a challenge about what to do with 50,000 CDs , tapes and records which are currently in the basement of the Radio Netherlands building. The records are either copies of transcription programmes sent out between 1947 and 1995 for foreign radio stations or world music collected abroad for use in programmes. It's a unique collection. But as things stand now it will be destroyed in July 2013. This item ran on Nederland 2 a few weeks back. But it's in Dutch.

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