Saturday, March 30, 2013

Leancamp Rotterdam Excels

Not often in Rotterdam, but when I am, I'm genuinely surprised. The lean start up method is all the buzz in Western Europe at the moment. Many innovation schemes in corporates are failing fast and the economy is in pits. So you can either hide. Or brainstorm with others about new ways forward. Government departments try to facilitate this by setting up incubators. But there is a long line of failures here too because nothing is organised in this space, or if it is, it follows the very traditional business models. "Where's your business plan?" "What do you mean you haven;t got one?". So it was refreshing to see how Kees van Nunen and Salim Virani have taken a different approach with their version of the one-day Leancamp. They mixed startups facing a business challenge with those who have experience in solving those issues, ranging from funding, negotiating with VCs, through to protecting your site from hackers. Great practical sessions in a really funky building in Rotterdam. The trick is to get the ecosystem right - picking the right mentors and speakers is crucial. They found people who want to share rather than rockstars who want to show off. And then everyone wins. Spotted some of the cleverer VC's wandering around, talent spotting. Amazing light on these bitter cold days. Have some idea about taking this concept further. Contact me off line if you're interested in collaborating.

Kick off - participants quickly build the days agenda

Great to see so many female entrepreneurs - much better ratio than in the corporate world.

Salim is one of the driving forces behind Leancamp

Impressed by the discussion on open source and security

The New Offices (HNK in Dutch) is a great place to work and network

Unusual skyline out of the window...

It works because there is no hierarchy

Good to see James Burke from the IFCCC days

Office in a container in an office space

Kees van Nunen - one of the figures driving the Leanstartup movement

Dilemmas - which sessions to choose?

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