Monday, November 12, 2012

Recollect - Keeping Your Social Side Archived

Playing around with Recollect as a way to store and curate various online posts.

Mashable had an interesting profile of a rather useful new service. 

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have created an odd predicament for users: The more information we share, the harder it can be to find any particular post later on and the more we have to lose if any of these networks ever disappear.
For more than a year, a trio of former Flickr employees have been working to solve these issues by building a tool that would give users a way to back up all their real-time updates, check-ins and photos shared on social networks for posterity and make it easier to search through these posts at a later date. The resulting service, fittingly called Recollect, launched in public beta earlier this week.

Several services have launched over the years to help users archive their data for specific social networks like Twitter, but Recollect supports a more comprehensive selection of websites. At the same time, Recollect offers a novel solution to what we might call the re-discovery problem — helping users categorize and unearth their treasure trove of old posts — which applications like and Timehop have tried to tackle as well.

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