Friday, November 16, 2012

Audio Branding - But What?

Fascinated the discover there is such a body as the Audio Branding Academy. Although, I expect more from the trailer than just nice photos of Oxford. Wonder where radio fits in?

The Audio Branding Academy is pleased to announce the fourth Audio Branding Congress that will take place on 11th December 2012! Last year’s convention, held at Columbia University in New York and hosted by audio branding agency Expansion Team, focused on new prospects of building brands on mobile devices by using sound. This year’s congress will take place at Oxford Examination Schools.
The Audio Branding Academy is partnering with the University of Oxford who will be hosting the 2012 Audio Branding Congress. The theme of the 2012 congress, “Listen to consumers”, will put emphasis on questions linking audio branding and consumer research. Keynote speakers from Oxford University will beProf. Nancy Puccinelli (Saïd Business School) and Prof. Charles Spence (Department of Experimental Psychology).
Another highlight of the day will be the presentations of the nominated cases for the Audio Branding Award 2012 and the award ceremony. Talks and poster presentations, selected via a call for papers, the results of the industry market survey Audio Branding Barometer 2012, and a panel discussion will complete the program.

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