Thursday, November 08, 2012

Power to the People in Long Island

I don't think we in Europe appreciate how many people in the North-East of the US are still without power. Colleagues on the West part of Long Island tell me their power may be back after Thanksgiving! This clip is the sort of message they're getting from the Long Island Power Authority. And the storm yesterday caused more trouble...

Yesterday’s Nor’easter caused further damage to the electric system with 123,000 additional power outages. Crews continued working through the night, as they have been doing throughout our restoration effort. Since this morning we have been back in full restoration mode and assessing damage.

I do find they are doing a better job of mapping the outages than the sort of service we get here in the Netherlands. In Holland they list the outages, but they don't make maps like this showing me where the power is back. Assuming we lost power here, I would not know how far to travel to place where i could charge something, like a mobile phone. if I had to charge something. I note that there's also a bit of a blame someone else culture at Liander. If the energy problem is due to high tension power lines, then you're directed to another website. So we're not prepared are we?

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