Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Island Power Failure

WBLI Parody of PSY's Gangnam Style reflecting the growing frustration on Long Island.

Jim Cutler reports how the Long Island Power Authority have installed an automated response machine to advise customers of the power reconnection situation following Hurricane Sandy. He's still without power so phoned for an update. Someone has failed to set the machine up properly so it has become extremely funny. Which wasn't their intention.

An automated voice reads you back your address when you call LIPA to report your power is still out. 

The computer generated voice says specific things like: "Crews are continuing to work in your area 24 hours a day to restore power in Old Brookville. As of 11:30pm over 124 men and women are working in your area...." 

And now the good part: The voice continues reading what must be NOTES on the bottom to the live operators when they're open during the day: "If the customer is hostile stick to the talking points. Take a deep breath and understand that the customer is probably upset..." the automated voice continues is it's strange almost human accent, "You don't have to take abuse, refer to supervisor. Keep assuring the customer that help is coming. Refer to talking points. Goodbye." 

Reminds me of David Pogue of the NYT speaking in 2006. 

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