Sunday, November 25, 2012

JingleMad Radio Launches Quietly

Live, round the clock and slightly round the bend. Your continuous source of radio station jingles. Livbe from Salford - the media end of Manchester in the UK. My advice - Best tried in small doses. Thanks to James Cridland for the tip.

JingleMad Radio, launching early 2013, will play non-stop jingles created for radio stations around the world.
JingleMad Radio is launching 10 years after the original site and forums started, bringing together fans of the short songs all around the world. The website and now radio station were both founded by audio producer Roy Martin, who is keen to spread the love of jingles even further.
“We have 15,000 registered users on, so it’s not entirely limited to radio geeks. I’ve used my contacts from working in the radio industry to obtain permission to use thousands of jingles created by the top jingle companies in the world to make JingleMad Radio a possibility.”
The station has been testing for the last 12 months, ever since the idea was conceived. Now with almost 10,000 jingles on the Myriad Playout System, the special station is almost ready to launch.
“It took some persuading but world leading companies such as ReelworldJAM Creative ProductionsMusic4and TM Studios are all on board. We’ve managed to convince newer companies such as Ignite and Brandy, and we’ve got hundreds of classics from the likes of Alfasound, David Arnold and PAMS.”
Jingles from stations such as Z100KIIS FMPLJCBS FMJACK FM and BBC Radio. Even the large amount of jingles from the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1 are on rotation.
JingleMad Radio will be the only stream playing non-stop radio jingles, and is sponsored by UK-based P Squared who are kindly providing their flagship software Myriad and Autotrack, along with streaming
Liam Burke, co-founder of P Squared is excited by the new station: “As self-confessed radio geeks, we at P Squared are delighted to support JingleMad Radio and wish them every success with the launch.”
Listen to “test transmissions” for the new station at or search for JingleMad on TuneIn.

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