Friday, November 16, 2012

Media Network.03.07.1997 - The Warm Glow of Wireless

This programme kicks of a series of nostalgic episodes about radio broadcasting. In 1997 we visited Wim Stuiver, a radio enthusiast whio built a private museum inside a farmhouse near the Dutch town of Diever.It was one of the best collections I've ever seen, telling the story of the early days of radio. Wilm had not only restored each piece to working order, he also knew the history behind each of the set. Sadly the museum no longer exists. Although a foundation was set up to try and preserve the collection in the Plantron in Dwingeloo, in the end the money ran out at everything was sold off for a song. The display cases are now in the Archeological Museum in Diever. I'm guessing this is the only radio programme that was made there in quite such detail. Happy Memories.

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