Saturday, November 24, 2012

Media Wars Episode 5. The Method of Attack (in Africa)

This first half of this edition looked at the start of Radio Netherlands in 1947 and the challenges it faced in the questions surrounding Indonesia at the time. Was it an instrument of government propaganda?

The second half of this episode looks at clandestine broadcasting across Africa, illustrated with unique off-air recordings from the late Richard Ginbey.

At the time, Richard was based just outside Johnannesburg, but had managed to collect many off-air clips from a multitude of stations. (Some people may recall he ran a monthly media programme on Radio Portugal in the 1970's). This includes the Voice of Namibia, Polisario Front - Voice of Free Africa, and the various stations targeting the warring factions in Angola. I believe the recordings of the Zimbabwean clandestines haven't been heard for years.

I wonder if anyone recognises the music used by the Voice of Truth (20 minutes into the programme). It sounds like a film score, but although I have tried various services like Shazam, still don't know the title. Be careful - it is very very catchy and even 30 years later I can hum the melody. Wish I knew where it came from!

Check out this episode!

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