Saturday, January 18, 2014

When Efficiency Innovation Fails

A colleague at a TV station in San Francisco asked me for an example of efficiency innovation as related to broadcasting. I can think of three.

1. Netherlands Public Broadcasting believes that even more integration of staff from radio, TV and online is going to make more efficient use of reduced public funding. I happen to think that it tends to mean less of the same spread out all over the place. The morning Radio 1 news programme has become unlistenable because of music fills... It's a late night format plonked into an early morning time slot.

2. Newsday on BBC World Service. They are still in denial in London about this one. Classic mistake of putting a TV format onto radio and mixing two target areas, (North America and Africa) when one target is already a day ahead.

3. And what is happening to the automated cameras in the new BBC studios? The Christmas tape for BBC staff is funny for insiders, but isn't it also also a cry for help from the gallery? Efficiency got too far? Clearly someone cut too deeply somewhere, either in the technology or in training staff.

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