Saturday, January 11, 2014

Amsterdam Time Lapse Shines Above Eindhoven

Wow. Jack Fisher, a young photographer from Newcastle in the UK answered my wish for someone to do a proper job capturing the city of Amsterdam with timelapse.  By filming over a two month period he came up with a better montage than anything I have seen done locally. It's because he built a more powerful story and had the advantage of being the outsider looking in. Beautiful!


Tried and failed to do something similar in Eindhoven this past November. The city in Noord Brabant spends a lot of money making posters to try and attract visitors to the city of light in what they call Glow. But with a festival of little over a week and atrocious wind and rain throughout the period this time round, I was desperately disappointed. Many of the light exhibitions in Eindhoven were curiosities. Did not get the feeling that I was witnessing a celebration of life. The rain and cold just made it down right miserable. Gave up and caught the early train home.  Hoped that others would have more luck, but so far have not found much evidence that others were more successful. I wish that Eindhoven would experiment with more time lapse - so much more dynamic than the video below.

I think you'll agree that this is nothing like Jack discovered in Amsterdam. 

To finish off, here is a flashback to an earlier posting about City Time Lapses..

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