Saturday, January 04, 2014

Media Network Vintage Podcast.05.11.1999 Latest MP3 Players & Worldspace

How times have changed. Media Network vintage podcast from early November 1999 including a report on a 16MB Flash "Walkman" from Japan/ Lou Josephs reports on the Rio 500. We were looking at ways to record audio streams off the web. We simply wanted to download audio off the web (something that the Downcast app now does on the iPad). The recent earthquakes in the Far East caused a steep rise in storage devices. Listen to those super high prices for what was a tiny amount of RAM memory (40MB). We looked at the introduction of Worldspace satellite radio in Southern Africa. They also built an outside broadcast van to show off at a radio festival in Mali. A listener in Swansea rediscovers shortwave radio and has high hopes for Internet audio. Maryanne Kehoe asks what's being done to prevent journalist abuse. She had been harassed because of her anti-spam stance. We turned to the IFJ in Brussels, Belgium and it's director Aidan White.

Presentation: Jonathan Marks and Diana Janssen.

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