Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Facebook Filter Syndrome

Facebook is a bit like buying batteries. You can see the outside, but you never know how much charge is really in them. This video explains the current problem with Facebook is that you don't know who you're reaching. If you're friends don't like you posts that often, there's a chance you will disappear off their horizons. Of course you could pay Facebook to interrupt and restore the conversation. But that seems to me to defeat the object of my being on the platform. Looks to me like Facebook is past its prime. Thanks to Jim Cutler for spotting the video. And to Derek Muller (who I guess is currently in Montreal) for making the video! He also has some thoughts about quality versus quantity on YouTube.

I believe the Facebook Likes Syndrome to be complete bonkers. I am not going to conduct a "please like me" campaign to try and find out some statistics about myself. Sheer lunacy.

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