Saturday, January 25, 2014

The rise of regional tech shows

I'm seeing a trend where the big equipment shows are getting so big they're getting boring. You can't find what you need fast enough. And these days the disruptive companies are where the exciting things are happening. These companies cannot afford exhibition space at the giant shows. They sometimes get shoved into a dark corner, often getting disappointed that they have to "man the stand" instead of getting out and networking on the main floors. It seems to me that some exhibitions have realised this. The BVE show in London (coming up at the end of February) and the ISE show in Amsterdam coming up in two weeks. They have a completely different atmosphere... reminds me of the early MacWorld shows.  I believe these regional shows are going to disrupt the incumbents like NAB, Broadcast Asia and IBC. And if money is tight, people are quick to make choices. Anyone else agree?

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