Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Let's have an extraordinary New Year!

It's no secret that a lot went wrong in 2013. For too many people I know,  it was a pretty terrible year of uncertainty, disappointments and loss. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Many of the scripts of life that worked in the past suddenly seemed to fail. I personally went through an extended period of self-reflection when great ideas went on a different course that expected. I had to stop, rethink and rework too many times. And all this while swimming through a sea of continuous change. Uncertainty is always exhausting.

But as in any pivotal point in time, the situation brought with it new alliances.

I'm extremely grateful for the new and renewed friendships I made in 2013 - discovering qualities in people that rekindles hope in humanity and has fired me up to look at things in a very different light. I've learned such a lot from new networks of friends, and started implementing those ideas into concrete projects.  Ideas are not enough - they have to be implemented. There's still a lot to do.

I wish you and yours inspiration, friendship, love and prosperity. Safe journeys in the months ahead and I really do hope our paths cross this coming year! 

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