Monday, May 27, 2013

Magnesium Headphones - I kid you not

Richard Kastelein of the great  site passed on this note about Steven Soderbergh - the American film producer, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, and an Academy Award–winning film director. He has just opened up an eCommerce website called Extension 376, where it appears he is reaching out to his fans in a new way. Apart from some rather unique swag, it seems he's working on some really cool headphones. Not sure why Magnesium is the metal of choice. But it sounds interesting. Also love the terms and conditions on the site.
So far we are just carrying EXT 765 t-shirts and tote bags, but pretty soon we are going to have something totally badass: headphones. It frustrates me that the great-looking headphones sound shitty, and great-sounding headphones look shitty, so we are changing all that. These are cans for super hard-core listeners.
Limited edition, (1000 pairs) made out of magnesium (which no one has ever done before because the stuff catches fire like crazy when you're machining it), LEMO connectors (from cord to headphone jack), custom drivers, custom leather, each engraved with a serial number, so when they're gone, you'll just have to find them on eBay.
The team at RED Camera helped with the design and built the prototype, so all that's left is to figure out where to produce them (they will be US-made). Also coming down the pike: another book on filmmaking to complete the Luckiest Bastard trilogy, and, eventually, the hard-cover version of GLUE, the novella I've been tweeting. Stay tuned.

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