Thursday, May 16, 2013

BBC World Service at Work....

Inside look by BBC World Service correspondent Rob Watsonaround the press enclosure built next to St Paul's Cathedral in London for the recent funeral of Baroness Thatcher. I wonder why the coloured microphone windshields have to be so large? But the use of the Beyer Dynamic headphones with built-in mics makes a lot of sense - the microphone is always at the right distance, and you can shut out extraneous noise. 

I see there was a copy of Private Eye in the press box - and there is Boris Johnson as well.

I guess this video was made for a training course at the BBC Academy. But it would be equally suited to the BBC World Service radio site, explaining the background to international broadcasting. 

Reminds me of the old days when all BBC Microphones in publicity shots had a huge BBC logo on them....never saw them like that in studios.

Alvar Lidell, BBC Announcer in the 1950's

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