Saturday, May 04, 2013

Jonathan MacDonald at TNW - update

Met Jonathan several years ago at Forum Oxford. He's remarkably frank in this interview that being an entrepreneur has a lot of ups and downs...especially in the mobile space. But Jonathan is a real thought leader and practitioner. H'e right that if your team doesn't believe in the direction they're going, so much time and effort are lost through a lack of engagement. Which is why transparent communications are so important, especially in international teams where the same word may have different meanings and interpretations.

Listen to what Jonathan says - and do what he tells you needs to get done. The original YouTube still was unfortunate. Looks like the interviewer punched him! But that has now been corrected. 

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Unknown said...

Really appreciate you posting this. The YouTube still has been amended so there's less of a 'punched' look. Anyway you're kind words are appreciated Mr Marks.