Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boeing heads for 10 Dreamliners a month

I thought there were challenges with the new Dreamliner at Boeing. If you recall a Japanese airline had a problem with a fire in a lithium battery at Logan Airport in Boston.  But now the Boeing PR machine is back in full swing, explaining that they are heading for production quota of 10 Dreamliner planes a month by the end of the year. I remember that during my visit to the competitor Airbus in Hamburg, they said that a new plane comes out of their production system every 7 hours.

Crisis or no crisis, the building of these airliners continues. I wonder if they will end up with too many? I say that because city planners in the Netherlands have vastly overestimated the need for office space in this country. 25% is empty. 16% is unlikely ever to be filled and discussions have started about demolition. 

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