Tuesday, May 07, 2013

J.C. Penny apologizes. Kmart ships its pants. ABC News Fail

The failing department store chain J.C. Penny tries to apologize. Wonder if it is going to work. They want you back. So have they listened? Or it is the next Woolworths? I think K-mart has a much better idea. Their funny ads have gone viral - 16 million and counting on YouTube.

I find ABC news so compromised it is crazy. First a long feature on Taco Bell in Alaska for absolutely no reason. (credit to NoAgenda.com for spotting this).

And then a "feature"on the K-mart ad on breakfast television. Now that's a good idea. Kmart is airing the TV commercial after the watershed. ABC is discussing the campaign at the breakfast table. Ugh...

or this?

ABC calls this news? 

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