Monday, January 14, 2013

Where on earth is media going in 2013?

Are e-readers days numbered? They may be cheap, but they aren't cool.

It was a delight to contribute to the great Nic Newman Digital Predictions list this year. This is an annual look ahead to the year ahead for digital media in 2013 - with a few thoughts on the last 12 months as well. Although seen from a European perspective, it's far from Eurocentric. It's 30 pages - and plenty of references.

The warm glow of wireless up there in Regent's Street. Is there some kind of  festival on in All Souls Church?
The move to mobile, more social and video disruptions, journalism trends, business models, media policy -   the next disruptive technologies + companies to watch . It's all there. Perhaps the best news is that it's a free and independent publication. No money to be paypalled, no box tops to collect. The wonders can be found at this address. . It's a 4 MB PDF so careful if you're mobile. We wouldn't want you to get hurt.

Feel free to circulate the link to friends. 
Which direction will new media take in Silicon Roundabout?

Is it really panic in Tabernacle Street Hackney?  That sign really is up there!

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