Saturday, January 12, 2013

ITV is up to something

ITV Anglia in December 2011

ITV Anglia on Thursday January 10th 2013

I'm guessing that ITV, one of the independent commercial public service networks in the UK, is about to rebrand. Walked by their Norwich offices this week and couldn't help noticing that the ITV Anglia logos had been taken off the satellite dishes.

Update Jan 15th: Yes they were up to something. ITV1 is dead. Long live the return of plain and simple ITV. I guess they made their new logo look rather like a bum to get some free viral publicity. And comments about the strange colour scheme - especially diarrhoea green (It's all the improve the flow, you know). Bet they will be redecorating the satellite dishes again in Norwich before too long. 

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