Thursday, January 24, 2013

DLD - Pity the Highlights are nonsensical

DLD, an invite only media conference at the Munich headquarters of Burda Media is always a mixed bag. This year there were some interesting talks about search and hosting. And some rather blatant commercials for a rather uninspiring solar lantern called Luci. (in my view, is way ahead in that field).

But some things are always the same at DLD. The agenda is only released about 24 hours before it starts. And I get the impression the video editors don't really understand what the speakers are talking about. They try to make highlights of the session, rather like covering the goals in a football match. Doesn't work, does it? They don't write much context around the videos, so unless you watched it live, you'll never find it again. Pity.

Navigation on the DLD Youtube channel is a nightmare. Different videos from different years get all mixed up. And clearly that means most of the videos are only seen by the happy few.

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