Monday, January 14, 2013

BBC Bush - Really Closed Down

I passed Bush House on a trip to London a week ago. Did a 360 tour of the outside. There are still a few traces that BBC World Service were ever in the building - mostly references to BBC security cameras and IDs. But all the posters in the window and the famous sign-age have gone

Abandoned security gate reminds me of Checkpoint Charlie just after the Berlin Wall fell

Wonder where the sign is now?

Remember the BBC World Service Shop?

Posters have vanished - as planned

I spotted a very peculiar sign at the entrance. BBC World Service has indeed moved to New Broadcasting House. BBC Bush House is indeed closed. But the last line "Thanks for listening" indicates to the uniformed that the station is past tense. I would have used that space to explain about BBC's new future premises (and how to find it) and that the station is very much alive. Missed opportunity.

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