Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MN.17.09.1992. US international broadcasting - what's changed?

Found a whole batch of radio programmes that are just over 20 years old, from an era when international broadcasting was grappling with the arrival of satellite television, but had not heard of the Internet. 

In January 2013, the structure and functioning of US International Broadcasting in again under discussion...just like back in 1992 when Radio Free Asia was first suggested. No progress for decades it would seem. 

Interesting that the costs of TV have dropped rather drastically. The US budget for the expansion of radio broadcasts into China were similar then to the budget for (RT) Russia Today today. In other news, Radio Netherlands was expanding its output. Italy approves 500 local FM stations. We look at slow changes in the media in South Africa, despite the change of government. Radio RSA is no more - changing its name to Channel Africa. The ICF-SW33 is coming from Sony. Marcel Rommerts reports on the new High Adventure Ministry's station on Palau during his trip to Asia. 

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