Sunday, February 03, 2013

Andrew Keen in conversation with Jon Miller

I like Andrew Keen. Keep bumping into his work at conferences. I'm actually a fan of his interview style:thoughtful and sharp without being confrontational. He was at the DLD conference in Munich, Germany in January. The conference organisers are gradually uploading the interviews that happened backstage. Frankly, many of them are far more interesting than the main stage sessions. Unfortunately, because DLD doesn't label them, they are doomed to have 23 views because no-one knows their worth.

And who is Jon Miller? He was the digital strategy guy at Newscorp. Now that he's left, he is working on a media startup of his own. I think he's understood completely what's ailing publishers and broadcasters. They are still obsessed with filling their channels. Whereas the audience is increasingly wanting to engage with the content. No money in content - no audience - and therefore no hope of building a revenue stream. A great 9 minutes.

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