Thursday, February 07, 2013

Why do we still need the Bobs? We don't

Deutsche Welle starts ninth Bobs Awards in 14 languages | Press Releases | DW.DE | 06.02.2013:

Oh Dear. The Germans have got seriously stuck in their own routine.

If Blogs had just been invented, then an award scheme might be a good idea. But nine years later, I believe the Bobs have become totally irrelevant. Le Web wouldn't have become what it is today if it had stayed as Les Blogs.

If the prize was substantial financial or technical support so these fledgling media enterprises could get a head start, then it would make a lot of sense. But you don't need an expensive awards ceremony for that.

DW should be looking for original, innovative ways of discussing controversial issues. TacticalTech did great work in this respect, showing how humour and animation can cut through difficult cultural and political barriers.

Instead, the newly designed website (wow) has invented new categories like best person to follow, based on relevance, influence and interconnectedness. Sounds like the person with the most connections on LinkedIn or likes on Facebook. In which case it should go to Psy for his Gangnam Style video. Or perhaps the Kony campaign?

But seriously, the Bobs are a missed opportunity. These writers need a career path rather than a trip to Germany.

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