Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barnetts Future Scenarios - the rise of Asia

A fascinating updated series of talks by the writer of The Pentagon's New Map. The author is Thomas P M Barnett, probably better known these days at the Chief Stategist at Wikistrat. Don't agree with all of his conclusions, but that's not the point. He certainly gets you thinking about big-world scenarios. And we desperately need more of this kind of thing. I'm looking at what these kind of scenarios could mean for a series of media projects in Africa and Latin America. And what if the next Pope is from Latin America? Bearing in mind when these talks were originally recorded (2011), he was remarkable in predicting the instability in Central and North Africa - countries with straight lines.

The flow of People

The flow of Money

The flow of Energy

The flow of Food

The flow of Security

Why the 21st Century will be the most religious yet.

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