Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3DTV- Not tonight, I have a headache

I've tried, but I never enjoy wearing those 3D glasses. Not only to they make me look like someone from the  Men in Black team, I have never managed to train myself to separate point and focus. It's a bit like riding a bike.
I see that David Wood, formerly of the EBU Engineering department, has made a video explaining the challenge facing anyone watching a 3D image on a flat screen. Best explanation I've seen as to why watching 3D is so tiring. He also concludes that holographic images, which don't require glasses, are 20 years away.

One point which is glossed over is that in order to focus on the 3D objects, you also have to keep your head still. Forget moving around the room or slouching on the couch.

My conclusion: Every time there has been a dip in screen sales or TV has been on the verge of a new development (e.g. conversion of black and white to colour) we have seen 3D emerge from the closet as the next great thing. And, just like quadraphonic sound, it's not going to happen. 

When you see the definition of a 4K screens as I saw at the ISE conference in Amsterdam a couple of weeks back, then I'm convinced we don't need 3D, especially on these very big screens. 

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