Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jarvis and a joined up BBC?

Jarvis versus BBC News. Jarvis wins - but not in a very elegant way. 

Interesting edition of This Week in Google, although for some reason the metadata doesn't mention it starts with an analysis of a rant that went wrong on BBC News. Jarvis wasn't subtle in his critique of the way the BBC was handling a story about a Facebook "security" breach. But the BBC rolling news teams are pretty clueless when it comes to covering tech news. And either lazy, confused or inexperienced.

BBC have some decent specialist shows like Click! (especially the radio version) operating out of the same building which take a step back from the hype and do a considered analysis. So why don't they use their own community of expertise instead of ringing a grumpy Jeff Jarvis in the middle of the night who is clearly trying to persuade the editorial team in London that there is no story here.

And when it comes to the value of the story, Jarvis is right.

Lessons Learned

  • Looks to me like this story went wrong because someone decided to do the story in the middle of the night UK time and their local expertise was asleep. Was the story big enough to wake someone in the UK? No. So they call Jeff and go live with caustic comments. Nobody's finest hour here. Wonder if anyone cares? Expect the rap jingle on the TWIT network.
  • Oh, and the rest of the show is far more interesting. Google Glasses will fail big time, a review of etc. Well worth an hour of your time.

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