Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NS - Communications Confusion Continues. #FAIL

No information, so time abandon the journey

Dutch railways goes from bad to worse. Arrived at Hilversum Central Station at 1345 this afternoon to find that no trains were running in either direction. The information boards simply say wait for announcements. Which of course don't come. Talked to the driver of the train on Platform 6. How long have you been here? An hour. Any news? Well my colleague says there's a power cut along the line between Bussum and Utrecht. Should I wait? Can't say, but I hear 16.30 at the earliest. I check Twitter. Other passengers say they're hearing the problem may not be solved before 10 pm at least. Someone has dug through a main power cable. Still nothing on the Tannoy. Give up. Abandon ship. Head home in the rain.... Useless. When will they take customers seriously? Someone outside solving people's problems is the very least I expect from an organisation that demands all my privacy details before it will allow me to travel on credit. (take the 320 bus over there to Amstel Station and change for Schiphol...We've arranged a coach in 20 minutes for those trying to get to Naarden) Why is customer service so terribly hard?
Chaos outside the station. No information. No direction. No plan

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