Monday, July 30, 2012

Apple Ad is really a Mayday call - Bombs Spectacular

This reminds me of early Apple ads which claimed their software was so easy even the managing director could use it. When the local retailer tried to sell us a newsroom system based on hypercard using one of these ads,  I told them they had 20 minutes to leave the building otherwise I was going to call security. Never been so disappointed in Apple. First they mess up Final Cut 10, now this trend which is to appify everything, even platforms that are not designed to be driven by a touch screen. This new ad (and others in the same series) don't work because these are not real problems that people are trying to solve - and the deadline is silly. If you were trying to finish a brilliant keynote would you take your Mac into an Apple Store and head of the genius bar? And have you ever seen a genius in that blue t-shirt outside an Apple Store? I bet you haven't.  I'd google the question and get an answer much faster. Failed campaign. That's it. 

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