Monday, July 23, 2012

BBC Olympics Online Strategy

So how will the BBC Sports cover the Olympics online? The answer is in this presentation given at the excellent Hack The Newsroom conference at the Global Editor's Network news summit. Unfortunately the coverage of the conference is a bit hap=hazard, excellent in parts but not in the editing of the first day. This part of the meeting was held in the basement of the Hotel de Ville building (Paris Mayor's Office) and consisted of rapid fire presentations by various broadcasters and publishers. Phil Fearnley, General Manager News & Knowledge, BBC Future Media & Technology (and also manager of the Digital Olympics coverage), gave an interesting albeit brief overview of how they have used the Olympics to build a better online presence for the BBC. The video is the entire afternoon session, so you'll have to fast track to 39' minutes 16" seconds where Phil starts his presentation looking at how in this Olympics the audience (in the UK) will be in control.There were also some issues with the sound half way through.  He also goes into some detail about the technology they have built. The heart of the strategy is live video. The BBC says it has experience with previous large events and believes there won't be a meltdown later this week.

Watch live streaming video from ejcnet at

The BBC site also has a tour of the BBC Sport's new home in Salford. 

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