Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not a station stupid, it's a band

In earlier days (i.e. well before Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Phones), when radio stations used to announce the time in Greenwich Mean Time, I often thought about starting a radio show or a rock band called "GMT". Great stations like the BBC would mention our name on the hour, every hour. Even big old propaganda organs like Radio Moscow World Service or Radio Peking used GMT. What could be better publicity for our band than that? 

It's a rock band not a waveband!
Wandering past the great OPEN youth venue in Bank Plain, Norwich this afternoon, I note that one London band is touring this year with a similar strategy. Bet the BBC are pleased. Oh, and the Open concert venue in the hall of a former bank has just brilliant acoustics.
New use for an old bank

Not many venues boast this kind of staircase

The Open Centre. Great facilities in the heart of Norwich

Just brilliant acoustics. The baffles have obviously been constructed by a genius

Great location for Dragon's Den

 An undiscovered gem just opposite Anglia Television. They tell me the BBC and Sky News have also used it for recording debates. And of course, the youth come to be ├»nformed and entertained.

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