Friday, April 27, 2012

TNW is a roaring success

The next web conference is brilliant. Because it's a walk in and out conference with plenty of room for networking. No pretentious nonsense. I'm guessing 1800 people over the next two days. High number of very creative production start-ups - so I'm pleased.

And after people like Mark Randall, strategist at Adobe have given an inspiring presentation on stage, you can find them at the speakers bar where they take time to answer questions. Like Mark's table of strategic elements - taking the periodic table to new heights.

None of this hello, goodbye and thank you or making the speakers untouchable VIPs. Also amazed at the cinema screen in the blue room. And to think it's all happening in the former Amsterdam gas workers ( the main stage is in the gas holder). But they have done a terrific job to make the acoustics MUCH better than in the early days.

Mark Randall Strategist for Adobe

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