Saturday, April 07, 2012

Alex B Howard on Open Data

This is a talk on the power of platforms. Alexander B. Howard who is the Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent for O'Reilly Media talks about where the principles and technologies that built the Internet and World Wide Web are being integrated into government and society and by whom. Alex gives one of the best explanations of open data projects, why they are important and includes what media organisations like Al Jazeera are doing with it. He points out that there is a crisis within local civic accountability journalism.
The historic events of the last year, from Egypt to #Occupy to the SOPA debate, have given a boost to the idea of open government fueled by technology. At the same time, a new spectre of new cutting edge surveillance states has arisen, where digital autocracies apply filtering, propaganda and tracking technologies to suppress speech, distort public opinion and capture or kill dissidents and protestors.
The video above was recorded at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, March 19, 2012. More info here

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