Sunday, April 22, 2012

NAB 2012 Looking Back (thanks to TWIT)

I thought Leo Laporte's This week in tech had the best coverage by far of this past week's technology at the National Association of Broadcasters' Convention in Las Vegas. Here are my pick of the shows with what caught my eye.

TWiT Live at NAB Show 2012 Day 1 Coverage
Guests for show one:
Jeff Stansfield
Boris Yamnitsky (very interesting)
Tom Shelburne
Taras Bugir
Mike Krimm
Dany May (amazing new camera)
Lucy Cooper
Bruno Nicoletti
Chris Brown
Bill Boss
TWiT Live at NAB Show 2012 Day 2 Coverage
Guests for show 2
Phlip Nelson - Newtek - the Tricaster is really driving modern IPTV stations. TV station in a box.
Kimberley Attwell - Photo Higher
Mike Galli - Viewcast
Ken Zamkow - LiveU
Geoffrey Tully - THX
Michael Chennery - THX
Matthew Corely - DSC Labs
Nicholas Smith - JB&A
Rob Belle-Isle - Toshiba
Rick Loaghery - GoPro brilliant company

TWiT Live at NAB Show 2012 Day 3 Coverage

Guests for show 3:
Will Law (Akamai) brilliant
Jim Louderback Revision 3 - interesting comments on what works and doesn't.
Joe Foxton
Barry Sandrew
Michael Smith
Phil Schramm
Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield
Jeffrey Thingvold

TWiT Live at NAB Show 2012 Day 3 Coverage

Guests for show 4:
Richard Rarey - National Public Radio
Sam Goldman -NPR
Sean Kilbride -Nvidia
Alec Pettersen -WideOrbit
Thom Calabro -Fujifilm
Gabe Wardell -48 Hour Film Project

And then they made a show with all the bits they couldn't fit in.

TWiT Live at NAB Show 2012 Day 4 Extra Coverage

Guests for the extras show:
Chris Crump -Comrex
David Turner -Enco
Greg Ogonowski -Orban
Hank Landsberg -Henry Engineering
Stefan Jucken -ViaSat
Bill Harland -ERI
Charles Kelly -Nautel - great guy.
Philippe Halin -NeoGroupe

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