Monday, September 17, 2012

Puzzling Innovation Video from Accenture

I'm puzzled as to why Accenture commissioned these videos connected with their Netherlands Innovation Awards coming up in the course of next week. This video says absolutely nothing (other than jury members seem to be meeting to choose winners). Does it help Accenture to create a buzz? Er no. So where is the story? 

May be the innovation problem is more on a national level. According to the OECD, the Netherlands has a knowledge economy that functions well - but it's operating at a very low level compared to other countries. In 2010, the Netherlands devoted 1.85 per cent of the GNP to research and innovation, the same level as 30 years ago. For every 1000 employees, just 6 are employed for research and development, well below the average for the majority of OECD countries. As this country has few natural resources, this figure should be sounding alarm bells. It's no good just been good in sales and marketing. 

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