Thursday, September 06, 2012

Is it a secret meeting or what?

IBC Publicity is sometimes difficult to understand. So today there's a VIP meeting of public and private broadcasters alongside the main IBC conference. Commercial operators can do what they like - I still have a choice to consume what they offer. But most Europeans have no choice as to whether they pay for public broadcasting. So all this elite gossip in the press release (dated 12th April but still presented as hot news on the website) seems very out of place during the worst recession to hit the broadcasting industry in decades. If it's a private affair - then why the publicity? If the sponsors are really doing it for press coverage (as a press release would imply), then beware of the Daily Mail and other publications who just love looking at the expense accounts of public broadcasters and can spot a junket from a thousand miles. "Exclusive", "complimentary accommodation", "door-to-door chauffeur" is not the language of public access and accountability. Summit seriously wrong here.

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