Thursday, September 06, 2012

Challenges for digital radio

Holland will finally get DAB+ in the course of the next year. 40% coverage of the country with both commercial and public broadcasters. But I guess the community radio stations will be left out for the time being. 

I believe it's success will be linked to the user experience and the interface. Looking at other countries, like India and Nigeria, I see that a lot of listening to radio is actually using the FM chip inside their mobile phone. A separate device is no longer needed. The phone is also your access to social networks and a tool for doing business. Will the new iPhone 5 have a radio in it? Probably not. Are the handset manufacturers going to put DAB+ into cheap feature/smart phone I wonder? The one below costs 18 Euro in Mumbai, India. Elliot Stechman, a New Zealander living in Mumbai tells me they sell 250,000 of this model per month in India. 

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