Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excellent Insiders Guide to Establishing a Start-Up

Some excellent (free) advice in this on-line series of lectures from Steve Blank, one of the co-authors of the The Start-Up Owners Manual. These modules are 20-30 minutes each. But they are more than just a passive course telling you what to do. They are a great catalyst for the serious entrepreneur. It's a case of watch, consider and then just do it. One of the best public resources in years. I would recommend that as well as getting the books on the reading list, try the Business Model Generation app on the iPad. Because you can adapt the app to fit your business idea, not theirs.

They seem to have built it quite simply, posting the video to Youtube and building a course page on the Udacity site. Rather than talking (endlessly) about how education needs to change, these guys are just doing it. The course you want is EP245.

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