Sunday, September 23, 2012

Joined up CrossMedia Q Music Netherlands?

 You'd have to be blind not to spot the busstop/train station campaign from radio station Q music in the Netherlands at the moment.

 It's everywhere.

They must have blown their annual budget to get all those outdoor spots. But when you go their website - do you get the next part of the story? No.

You have to search for the current outdoor campaign which is all about recognising a mystery sound

In fact it's an old chestnut of a competition last used here in 2005 by SkyRadio. You had to recognise a sound of summer and SMS the answer at a premium rate. Q Music in Belgium ran it in 2005 as well, as did a number of German commercial radio stations. But this time the only call to action is to find them on the FM radio.

And there's a big of augmented reality built into the poster, but frankly I don't think people understand. And why would you want to download a special app unless it would triple the prize money? Just bring the ad to life doesn't seem all that exciting.  Sounds like these radio guys haven't really thought how their audience is using mobile media.

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